The Earth IS flat

It is a known fact in modern society that the Earth is in fact flat. 6000 years ago, God created the Earth. He made this Earth flat so as to stop his beloved children, Humanity, from falling off of it. The Earth has to be flat because there is so much evidence to support it. If the Earth was round, How would we have floods and oceans? The water would simply run off of the Earth. How would people in the Southern Hemisphere stay on? Some people attribute these miracles to “Gravity”. The truth of the matter is, gravity doesn’t exist. Isaac Newton didn’t discover gravity, he made it up. If the Earth is flat, there is no need for gravity, as things will just fall down by themselves. Many good Christians attended a meeting near the Kennedy Space Center of NASA, and their leader said that God himself had told him that gravity did not exist and that the earth was flat in space, with the solar system spinning around it. This is evidence that the earth is flat, Because God, having created the Earth, would know what it looked like. The Earth does not spin either. If we were truly spinning at 1000 miles per hour, Surely we would feel it? This is solid evidence that the Earth does not spin. In my opinion, the world needs to be educated by people of my intelligence, so that they are not believing in fake creation stories for the rest of their life, and worse, forcing their satanic lies upon future generations.






JK hah you got PRANKD! ah you shoulda seen the look on ur face lmaooooo  😛 ⊃

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I MaKe SPicY MeMEs BoI


  1. i think that you made your point very clear and the words that you used were persuasive. Over all it was pretty solid. The only thing to work on is that you didn’t have any proven facts to back it up. 🙂


  2. Very humorous Ethan, if this was true then it would make a great piece of writing, I think you need to work on actually writing about a topic that is true, and logical. Very funny tho 🙂


  3. I really liked how persuasive you were and how it seemed like you truly believed in what you were saying. I found the end a bit confusing because I feel like it was a little bit off topic. Good job though 🙂


  4. This did confuse me a little, but it worked well, was concise and had a good use of words. I was strangely confused about your statistics, there weren’t any numbers and it was largely based on your opinion and facts that (while made up) did not have any scientific grounds. It was also a failure for you to state that the world must be educated about your ‘intelligence.’ Wow… 🙂


    1. yeah the whole point was for it to sound as brittle and stupid as possible to simulate the thought process of a “Flat earther”


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