The Banned word challenge

  • Simile
  • Metaphor
  • Personification

Moon, Dark, Stars, Sleep, Bedtime, Pillow, Warmth, Netflix, Night, Quiet, Dark blue, Sky, Owl, Silhouette, Streetlight/Lamppost, Wolf, Scary, Monsters, Nightmare, Cold, Mischievous, Homework, Sunset, Cat, Woke, Black, — Banned word

The deep navy screen envelops the twilight, choking all light from the scene like water chokes a drowning sailor. small nocturnal animals screech towards the bright torches in the heavens. Cozy houses spew invisible towers of smoke into the damp outside air. The people’s houses protect their owners resting bodies, standing silently like the guards at Buckingham Palace. few get to appreciate the scene of twilight, but those who do remember it forever.

Published by xX_DonaldG_Xx

I MaKe SPicY MeMEs BoI

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