Romeos quote Analysis

“…I defy you stars”

I defy the course of fate

Defy. defy means to rebel or go against. Romeo is talking about how he wants to go against the course of destiny because it is a worse fate.

It is ironic to the play because Romeo, being Shakespeare’s creation, has no control over his fate at all.

“Come cordial and  not poison, go with me”

come sweet and not bitter, come with me

cordial/poison. cordial and poison are seen as opposites in this sense. cordial sweetens things while poison makes them bitter and deadly. used in this context, Romeo is saying how he would like to be happy instead of sad.

This is significant to the plot because it hints at Juliet and Romeos drinking of poison, where Juliet’s (poison) is more cordial while Romeo takes an actual, legitimate poison.

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