Land in the clouds

The steam-ship soared through the cloud layer, its double screws propelling it through the white wonderland.

“Pearl Harbour ahead, Five mikes, bearing one-five-nine”

“Maintain current course, all ahead one fifth” The Captain replied.

Captain Ulysses Sharma was a veteran of the American Navy, a grizzled old man whose prize and joy was his ship, the U.S.S Galapagos. She was a Strongarm class frigate, 4 vertical turbines and two Intake driven propellers for movement. She was light and fast, armed with 1 360* Broadside gun emplacement, and powered by a newfangled Nuclear reactor.

“Pearl Harbour in sight, sir,” Said the XO. “And damn is she pretty”

The Gigantic flying city of Pearl Harbour appeared out of the mist, like magic. The first thing the eye is drawn too are the gigantic turbines, each as large as a Venator class carrier. These mechanical monstrosities stop the city from falling from the sky. The metallic surface was covered in factories and supply depots and laced with roads. The next was the amassed American fleet, awaiting completion so they could head out and join the war over Europe. The U.S.S Vindicator, the Navy’s flagship sat in the middle of the city. She was massive, The biggest sky-ship in the world. She was a Venator class carrier, powered by 4 Nuclear reactors and lifted by four 25 meter in diameter uplift rotors.

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