delay this marriage for a month, a week, or if you don’t, make the bridal bed in that dim monument where Tybalt lies

If you so much as delay this wedding, you will rest in a grave

Bridal bed. this refers to the bed where the newlyweds would fornicate after marriage. in this case, it is saying that she will be bedding with death if he does not get married.

dim monument. this means the place where Tybalt rests. dim is dark or shadowy

This quote is significant to the story because it forebodes that if she does not marry Paris, she will be laid to rest at Tybalts grave (which she does !SPOILERALERT)

I’ll go to the friar to know his remedy: If all else fail, myself have power to die

I’ll see if the friar can solve this problem, if not, I can kill myself.

remedy. A remedy is a solution or cure. in this case, Juliet wants a remedy for her predicament with Romeo and her parents and Paris.

power to die. She has the ability to commit suicide if she cannot solve the problem of her love. this hints at how she will eventually take her own life.

this is significant because it forebodes her fake suicide and real suicide near the end of the book.

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